WOLFNET has returned

I have waited a week for the cable guy to come to my apartment. After he left i drove to my old apartment to pick up some more items, including my old cable modem, that as of a week ago was still supported. I managed to get a the box that had the cable modem, my two backup car batteries and some cleaning supplies, then it started to rain so i left. I picked up the server and borrowed a stud finder from my dad and returned home. Everything seemed to be going well until i tried registering my modem with my new account and was told my modem was not supported. I rushed over to walmart to pick up a new modem. Now the new modem is set up and WOLFNET should stay online, excluding short interruptions. My entire network was basically shoved into a closet with no ventilation, no cooling, and wires running everywhere.


As you probably noticed, the layout has changed. This is due to moving to a new server. I can finally take “Switch to VM servers” off my list. I am moving to a new location too. Someone I know will be running the server until i get everything settled down. That is why i am using my old laptop as the VM host. Moving all systems to that laptop kind of surprised me. My UPS now lasts for atleast 45 minutes compared to the just under 15 minutes for the old setup.

Carpc Update 7/21/11

I have started working on carpc again. Its always days that are in the extremes like over 100F or below zero that motivate me to work on it. Here are some new pics.

The new case is more portable then the old one. I have already cleaned up the wiring.

This is a test run with it sitting on my workbench. I know its messy.

This is an example of the CarPCs user interface. Subject to change.


This is a screenshot of some research i was doing on OBD2. Since Carpc wasnt functioning yet i had my netbook in my car and i was controlling it remotely with my main laptop. The reason for having two battery monitors open is because one of them would be closed when i make a change to the program displaying the OBD data. I will probably post more pictures later.

Edit: I noticed that the images in my blog seem to get squeezed. To view the images as they should be, right click on them and click “View picture”.

mini-project ive had on the back burner for a long time.

Its made of an old PSU for a server.  It has two ground posts and one post for 12v, 5v, and 3.3v. I want to add a variable post. I was hoping to use the -12V to get 24v and run it through a variable regulator to get up to 22v but that didnt work. I am still planning on using the variable regulator on the 12v lines. Each line has its own fuse so that if there is a short it will be easy to fix and there is less risk of internal damage.

I used a connector so that if i want to make a few tweaks on the inside it is easy to remove the case with the terminals in tact.


Its hard to see in the mess. That is the alternator from the bonneville, it was scrapped. The battery is from my car, it is a AGM. The blue box is a 1500W inverter. The engine is 6.5HP OHV. The frame is temporary most likely.

Busy doing everything and nothing.

I figured i should try to update atleast twice a year so i made a point of updating. Carpc was put on hold for a while because it was too cold to work on it and i didnt have the money for new parts. I have bought a new system for it that is smaller so i should be able to place things better. 

Heres a few new images for what ive been working on.

My cat decided to make sure my new stepper motor i am testing for my CNC mill project is safe. no mice have been seen.

Here im working on the new carpc. The workbench has a few projects on it.  The  desk has a sheet of glass on top. I find that soldering on a sheet of glass works well because if you drop some solder, it is very easy to clean up. That is the new carpc on top plus a few scraps from other projects.

right now my biggest plans are still carpc, CNC mill, im makeing the lighting system in my garage motion sensing so that it will turn on automatically when i open it to go to my car for work. Ive been doing some work on a project im calling mini-mame. I might make a small linux distro for mame cabs.

Im thinking about making that into a decoration for my kitchen.

Update 9/30/10

I took a few pictures of what ive done lately but its not much. I also had a quick idea for a new tool so i grabbed my dremel and modified a screwdriver to make it. Pictures will give you a basic idea. The gray thing you see at the bottom is a tractor ignition i rigged up to work as the power button in case the remote is not working.

The ports were mounted while using a paper template that might have not been made perfectly but its still good.

Ports with USB and sound cables plugged in.

And now for my custom tool. side note: the key hole is hidden by the latch when the case is closed.

Example of how it would be used.

When i run out of solder i just pull more out. When the spool is empty i can rewind it.

Update 9/16/10

Ive been busy with school, work, etc. and i haven’t had too much good to post about. ive been trying to embed the carpc motherboard but that has been a headache. Ive gone back to putting the carpc in the trunk and running cables. With the coming cold im in a hurry to finish carpc and i have some new build photos.

That is a 7 pin trailer connector Im using. It is spring loaded so it will close if the cable is removed.

I decided to take a picture while working. i wanted to show the cable.

Closeup of the port. The black marks on my laptop are just wear.

Im not sure why the images have some damage.

Nearly ready to install completely

I put a bunch of diodes together to drop the voltage down below 13v, the shutdown voltage of the CarPC PSU, im going to add a regulation circuit so when the car isnt running or is starting the carpc will run. The carpc only pulls a few milliamps when not turned on so i shouldnt have to worry about the carpc draining the battery. Considering the posibility, im making a circuit that will start the carpc when voltage is low, then the carpc can start the car itself for charging. I have video output working on the screen and it is soldered with a long cable that will be run through the vents ideally. As of this point i do not have a touch screen, instead i have a Remote Wonder from ATI that i have keymapped. Im still waiting for the OBD adapter and i need to finish the networking. My bluetooth adapter went AFK and i need to find a better wifi card. Images will be posted later.

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