Nearly ready to install completely

I put a bunch of diodes together to drop the voltage down below 13v, the shutdown voltage of the CarPC PSU, im going to add a regulation circuit so when the car isnt running or is starting the carpc will run. The carpc only pulls a few milliamps when not turned on so i shouldnt have to worry about the carpc draining the battery. Considering the posibility, im making a circuit that will start the carpc when voltage is low, then the carpc can start the car itself for charging. I have video output working on the screen and it is soldered with a long cable that will be run through the vents ideally. As of this point i do not have a touch screen, instead i have a Remote Wonder from ATI that i have keymapped. Im still waiting for the OBD adapter and i need to finish the networking. My bluetooth adapter went AFK and i need to find a better wifi card. Images will be posted later.

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Progress on CarPC

My Mom has a new car so she has given her Saturn SC1 to me. The CarPC project has been switched over to my SC1 instead of the bonneville. I already have the wires spliced for the starter and the relay board adapted, im just waiting for a few chips I ordered and stage 1 of CarPC will be complete.
Yes, the test rig was made of a wire case that i cut holes in and inserted switches in. The top 3 images are the test rig and the bottom image is the wires nicely tied, routed, and waiting for the controller. None of those wires will be visible once the controller is installed and the wires routed.

Starter test rig

Car Status

The Bonneville has been parked in my garage for the last few months and i havent been able to work on it. The last few days i have been working on it and it seems to run fine. Both my parents had issues over insuring the car again because they were not sure if it was going to be running and neither were wanting to waste money on a dead car. I want to be able to drive the car legally so I bought my own insurance for it and started working on it after that. As of this point the bonneville seems to run even better then before i parked it for the winter. My mom was not happy about me insuring it. The plan was that I would get her SC1 and the bonneville would be sold. I am going to test drive the bonneville for the next few days before i use it as my main work vehicle, just to be on the safe side.

CarPC 11/18/09

Sorry, I fell asleep before I could post last night. I have completed the power circuit for the system. At first when i turned on the system it would send the power from the caps into the computers 12v line and would instantly be drained. To get around that problem i simply soldered a led on the pc power line to prevent power from going back into the pcs 12v line.

CarPC 11/17/09

Not much time to work on the project today, all I managed to accomplish was soldering the starter circuit and start on the pcs power circuit. it still needs work because it doesnt stay on long enough for the computer to pick up the slack. I didnt want to waste too much time messing with the remote so i set the lock button to turn on the system, the unlock button will still unlock the doors unless i find a new use for that button.

CarPC 11/16/09

For some reason (need to look into) one of the circuits switches the relay on when it is supposed to, but it will not switch off until the power is disconnected from the circuit. There seem to be no other problems caused by this so i am going to use this circuit for the VATS bypass. If I ever need to switch off this circuit all i need to do is activate the safety which cuts the power to all circuits, including this one. I soldered the VATS bypass and ACC circuits so those are ready to install. I was going to solder the starter circuit but im out of relays and the stores are already closed.

Project: Car PC “so far”

I was hoping to blog this project from day 1 but i didnt get to it until now. I am using parashell to control the car pcs parallel port that the car will be wired to. I checked out the parallel port and unfortuately when it starts up it switches the pins high and low a few times. Fortately one of the pins stays on after they are done flashing so i am going to use it as a safety. while this pin is high it will switch a relay causing the other pins to not have a connection, preventing problems such as the car starting and stopping repeatedly while booting.

I have bought a remote entry system that im going to use for locking and unlocking my car. Since my car doesnt have a electric trunk opener i am going to use the trunk button on the remotes as the power button on the car pc. It is going to be controlled via bluetooth and wifi. That is a work in progress.

Current project: Car PC

Scenario: its the middle of winter and 5 degrees below zero, the car has been sitting outside of the gate you work at, getting cold, collecting frost and ice on the windows. You could just pay to have an astrostart installed but wait… you can make one thats better!

Project: install a car PC giving you remote control over devices such as defrosters, ignition, radio, etc.