Work in progress

It took a few days but i finally got the tv out working on the temporary graphics card (in Xubuntu) , now i just need to make the custom screen and i’ll me good. Now if i can get into the BIOS i’ll be happy, i press the keys and it says “now entering setup” but it skips to loading the OS. Oh well, the fun must go on.

I found out why my VM server keeps locking up, its an issue with the RAM. Now i just need to bring it in so i can take it apart and work on it.

“Work it harder, Do it better, Make it faster, Makes us stronger”

Carpc update

I just ordered the bluetooth OBD adapter that will let the carpc communicate with the cars system. the original computer i was planning to use on this project uses a proprietary PSU so the psu i bought doesnt work on it, im still working on the new system.

SC1 stress test: PASSED

To put it bluntly, I have not had a good day. I actually predicted the bonneville not starting. The good news is that the SC1 is in running condition. The bad day continues as I approach Interstate highway. I am wondering why traffic is slowing down as I am driving on the ramp, then I see the truck with its load tipping. The load finally falls off and all traffic on the ramp halts. Im already almost late and did not have time to waste so I ran off the road and punched it. Apparently the SC1 is a good offroad vehicle. As I get back on the road the stress test continues. I ended up passing (more then) a few vehicles on interstate. It comes in handy to know that in the event of meeting an officer, the SC1 can slow down enough to not be noticed, luckily the officer was busy pulling someone else over. I approach one of the final turns and because of the vehicles ahead I did not see that the lane was under construction. I had to quickly swerve around some cones. That’s just the part of my day that involves my SC1, i wont rant about the rest.

Side note: the new PSU for the CarPC is in the mail, it should arrive in a few days.

Dumbing Down

Normally I would just ignore stupid things done in public but this is just sad. I was at Walmart waiting in line to buy new tools and there were 3 people ahead of me getting a prepaid calling card. The worker told them it was an international card and they asked what “international” means. I almost feel ashamed to be in the same age group as those people. It didn’t surprise me to hear them say “i don’t know” twice.

CarPC stage1 nearly complete

The controllers are installed and hidden to look good. The pc is in the trunk. Now i just need to get powering it out of the way, and do the finnishing touches. wrapping some wires, making sure it has a good ground, etc.

The scripts for starting and stopping the car are done and i was working on it a bit tonight. All i have to do is type “start” and the car starts right up. Now to work on the web interface…

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ToDo List

splice wires for starting (done)
route wires for power (done)
get inverter to power pc while starting car (in progress)
Install carpc and route control wires (done)
Interface accessories such as defrosters and lights

upgrade to smaller system with custom case
install touchscreen
setup more advanced systems such as autostarter to maintain battery

The post is brought to you by lekhonee v0.7

Progress on CarPC

My Mom has a new car so she has given her Saturn SC1 to me. The CarPC project has been switched over to my SC1 instead of the bonneville. I already have the wires spliced for the starter and the relay board adapted, im just waiting for a few chips I ordered and stage 1 of CarPC will be complete.
Yes, the test rig was made of a wire case that i cut holes in and inserted switches in. The top 3 images are the test rig and the bottom image is the wires nicely tied, routed, and waiting for the controller. None of those wires will be visible once the controller is installed and the wires routed.

Starter test rig