Nearly ready to install completely

I put a bunch of diodes together to drop the voltage down below 13v, the shutdown voltage of the CarPC PSU, im going to add a regulation circuit so when the car isnt running or is starting the carpc will run. The carpc only pulls a few milliamps when not turned on so i shouldnt have to worry about the carpc draining the battery. Considering the posibility, im making a circuit that will start the carpc when voltage is low, then the carpc can start the car itself for charging. I have video output working on the screen and it is soldered with a long cable that will be run through the vents ideally. As of this point i do not have a touch screen, instead i have a Remote Wonder from ATI that i have keymapped. Im still waiting for the OBD adapter and i need to finish the networking. My bluetooth adapter went AFK and i need to find a better wifi card. Images will be posted later.

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I got more work on carpc done, GPS is working (supposedly, the system is still inside so the gps couldnt get a lock. The software said “NO GPS LOCK” so it is connecting) im still playing with the settings on the GUI but as soon as i get the mount for the screen made and the networking set up, its ready to install.

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