Working on lighting

I am working on a emergency lighting setup for my apartment. Thats the best picture i could take with my phone. The light system gives off enough light that you can move around but not so bright that outside attention is not attracted.

The LEDs light up the glass of the bulb and use it to spread the light around. I set up a 12v line for the lights in my kitchen and over my workbench. Next (hopefully) is the hallway, then the bathroom, then my room, then storage room, then finally the power for it. The system will be controlled by a relay connected to mains via a modified cellphone charger.




I built a bedside motion sensitive light. I had the parts for a harbor freight motion sensor light and closet light laying around. I soldered them together so that now when i put my feet down to get out of bed the path is lit up if it is dark. Rather useful for avoiding stepping on parts left on the floor for a unfinished project.

WOLFNET has returned

I have waited a week for the cable guy to come to my apartment. After he left i drove to my old apartment to pick up some more items, including my old cable modem, that as of a week ago was still supported. I managed to get a the box that had the cable modem, my two backup car batteries and some cleaning supplies, then it started to rain so i left. I picked up the server and borrowed a stud finder from my dad and returned home. Everything seemed to be going well until i tried registering my modem with my new account and was told my modem was not supported. I rushed over to walmart to pick up a new modem. Now the new modem is set up and WOLFNET should stay online, excluding short interruptions. My entire network was basically shoved into a closet with no ventilation, no cooling, and wires running everywhere.