Online again

Sorry about the delay in getting the blog back up. Here is the story. I was testing out some vpn software for carpc which apparently was used to send a bunch of spam. My ISP noticed this and suspended my account. In the time it took to get my internet back up i made myself a vps account and moved everything over to it. There were a few problems in getting my website back up but that has been taken care of.
The only big update i can think of since then is that i bought myself a “new” netbook. Asus eeepc 701sd. I have a few mods in mind but they will have to wait for funds to become available. Due to unforeseen circumstances i had to spend about 350+ dollars to resolve both both a family issue and a car issue. My car is currently in the shop because i no longer have a garage and i am not going to replace i starter motor laying on the cement when it is 10F outside.