Carpc Update 7/21/11

I have started working on carpc again. Its always days that are in the extremes like over 100F or below zero that motivate me to work on it. Here are some new pics.

The new case is more portable then the old one. I have already cleaned up the wiring.

This is a test run with it sitting on my workbench. I know its messy.

This is an example of the CarPCs user interface. Subject to change.


This is a screenshot of some research i was doing on OBD2. Since Carpc wasnt functioning yet i had my netbook in my car and i was controlling it remotely with my main laptop. The reason for having two battery monitors open is because one of them would be closed when i make a change to the program displaying the OBD data. I will probably post more pictures later.

Edit: I noticed that the images in my blog seem to get squeezed. To view the images as they should be, right click on them and click “View picture”.

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