Project: Car PC “so far”

I was hoping to blog this project from day 1 but i didnt get to it until now. I am using parashell to control the car pcs parallel port that the car will be wired to. I checked out the parallel port and unfortuately when it starts up it switches the pins high and low a few times. Fortately one of the pins stays on after they are done flashing so i am going to use it as a safety. while this pin is high it will switch a relay causing the other pins to not have a connection, preventing problems such as the car starting and stopping repeatedly while booting.

I have bought a remote entry system that im going to use for locking and unlocking my car. Since my car doesnt have a electric trunk opener i am going to use the trunk button on the remotes as the power button on the car pc. It is going to be controlled via bluetooth and wifi. That is a work in progress.

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