Happy new year of hacking

New work in my emergency lighting project.

Before you ask, the oven was like that when i moved in.

Hallway covered by emergency light


Placement of the light itself. That wire powering it has been moved to not be in the way. That is 3:10AM. At the time of taking these pictures, the light was powered by the 5v rail on my bench power supply. When this is done it will be powered by a LM7805 and a SLA battery.

Imagine trying to navigate this without a flashlight or other light source if the power went out.

^^^^^^That was done in 2011 ^^^^^^^^

Now for the first mod of 2012


My apologies for the picture being so blurry. I did not realize that “night shot” on my phone was enabled, it tends to blur the pictures a bit.

Close up of the power connectors i have been using. They are 3.5

Inside the light. The power for the light is being taken directly from the plug. The small board is the power button, that has been disconnected and has only been left inside because it holds the power button cap in place.

This light will be likely installed in the bathroom over the door. The only rooms left to set up will be my store room and my bedroom. I am not quite sure if my room will have one of these lights because i already have the light beside my bed and a decent light i could turn on close to it.

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