Upgrades to workbench for (hopefully) more documentation.

Over the weekend i have upgraded my workbench. There are now two cameras mounted on the lights pointed down. I marked out where the higher resolution camera covers on my workbench with tape. The image below is showing the battery powered screwdriver that i modified to be USB charged because the original charger broke. VLC is on the computer running in full screen. This camera operates at a resolution of 640×480. it was a fairly cheap camera and i do intend to buy more. I originally bought the camera to cover the door on my security system.

Right now it is only mounted using electrical tape, i will probably mount it better later.

Lower resolution camera is mounted on the center overhead lamp. This was the old camera for the door on my security system.



If you are closing a computer case while it is running, make sure you know where all the wires are. I managed to clip a ribbon cable to a slim cd drive that was hidden behind a panel. I had to open a window to get rid of the burnt smell. At the time it was 22F outside.

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