Day of discovery

I made another discovery when it comes to my UPS mod. I thought that the battery was always topped up when it was plugged in, regardless if it is turned on or not. It turns out that it only tops up the battery while it is turned on. I discovered this when i ws replacing a segment of cable that runs to the UPS. The light ran for about 5 seconds and then gave the dead battery beep after i unplugged it. When the UPS turns on it does a self test in which it runs on battery for a few seconds. Over the time that the UPS has been used to control the light, the battery has been slowly draining. At the time of writing this, the UPS is sitting turned on with nothing plugged into it.

Second discovery. Today i was working on my raspberry pi using a PSU that supplies enough to boot it but not much more. I plugged in the cell modem i have and the network adaptor failed on the raspberry pi. The adaptor would not come back up until the pi was rebooted. Learn something new every day.

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