one hundred or two?

Normally I dont like putting personal stories on blogs but this was stupid and funny enough i decided to post this. I prefer to be a nice person, if I am in a bad mood i will become almost mute instead of telling people off. That said, I can be a smartalic when i want to be.

I told my mom that i was tired of waiting for her or my dad to take care of my car insurance so i went out and got it myself. My dad told me earlier it was (ammount) dollars to put me on his insurance so I will probably have to help pay it, I looked into it and the price i found for my own insurance was cheaper then what my dad told me it would be to add on to his again. I decided that if im going to have to pay i’ll go the cheaper route and make my move. When i told my mom about my insurance she told me that if I want to throw away one hundred dollars i should give it to her instead. Since i had just cashed my pay check i had plenty of money in my wallet. After she said that I pulled out a hundred dollar bill and said “here is the hundred you asked for” then i pulled out two more hundred dollar bills and said “this is for this month rent, do you need any more?” and held all three bills out. This obviously made her angery and she was actually speechless. she didnt take the bills so i just put them back in my wallet.

I prefer to respect everyone and i am only a smart alic around friends that dont mind. Considering that neither were doing anything about insurance I decided to take action on it myself and actually be a responsable person. If you get angery and give me attitude because i decide to be responsible for myself, dont be supprised if i say something back.

side note … I wonder when she is going to ask for this month rent. XD