SC1 stress test: PASSED

To put it bluntly, I have not had a good day. I actually predicted the bonneville not starting. The good news is that the SC1 is in running condition. The bad day continues as I approach Interstate highway. I am wondering why traffic is slowing down as I am driving on the ramp, then I see the truck with its load tipping. The load finally falls off and all traffic on the ramp halts. Im already almost late and did not have time to waste so I ran off the road and punched it. Apparently the SC1 is a good offroad vehicle. As I get back on the road the stress test continues. I ended up passing (more then) a few vehicles on interstate. It comes in handy to know that in the event of meeting an officer, the SC1 can slow down enough to not be noticed, luckily the officer was busy pulling someone else over. I approach one of the final turns and because of the vehicles ahead I did not see that the lane was under construction. I had to quickly swerve around some cones. That’s just the part of my day that involves my SC1, i wont rant about the rest.

Side note: the new PSU for the CarPC is in the mail, it should arrive in a few days.

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