Busy doing everything and nothing.

I figured i should try to update atleast twice a year so i made a point of updating. Carpc was put on hold for a while because it was too cold to work on it and i didnt have the money for new parts. I have bought a new system for it that is smaller so i should be able to place things better. 

Heres a few new images for what ive been working on.

My cat decided to make sure my new stepper motor i am testing for my CNC mill project is safe. no mice have been seen.

Here im working on the new carpc. The workbench has a few projects on it.  The  desk has a sheet of glass on top. I find that soldering on a sheet of glass works well because if you drop some solder, it is very easy to clean up. That is the new carpc on top plus a few scraps from other projects.

right now my biggest plans are still carpc, CNC mill, im makeing the lighting system in my garage motion sensing so that it will turn on automatically when i open it to go to my car for work. Ive been doing some work on a project im calling mini-mame. I might make a small linux distro for mame cabs.

Im thinking about making that into a decoration for my kitchen.

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