mini-project ive had on the back burner for a long time.

Its made of an old PSU for a server.  It has two ground posts and one post for 12v, 5v, and 3.3v. I want to add a variable post. I was hoping to use the -12V to get 24v and run it through a variable regulator to get up to 22v but that didnt work. I am still planning on using the variable regulator on the 12v lines. Each line has its own fuse so that if there is a short it will be easy to fix and there is less risk of internal damage.

I used a connector so that if i want to make a few tweaks on the inside it is easy to remove the case with the terminals in tact.


Its hard to see in the mess. That is the alternator from the bonneville, it was scrapped. The battery is from my car, it is a AGM. The blue box is a 1500W inverter. The engine is 6.5HP OHV. The frame is temporary most likely.

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